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Saptak Chatterjee is a Singer, Composer and Producer based out of Delhi. 

A 3rd generation Hindustani Classical vocalist by training and profession, contemporary genres like pop and rock are some of the other facets of Saptak. 

In 2018 Saptak released his debut album 'Material & Mind' to wide critical acclaim and has since then performed at various prestigious festivals and venues. 

Production and composition is another part of saptak's professional career. With a body work covering jingles, radio spots, short films, background scores and playback, versatility is and always has been the key point.

Saptak has toured the country, with performances in every major city and has on several occasions been awarded scholarships by the government of India.


The debut studio album has been Co-produced and composed entirely by Saptak. Each of the 7 tracks talk about a specific emotion that an artist goes through during the process of creating a piece of art. 

The album is a depiction of the various experiences Saptak gathered over a period of 3 years, the time it took from the first song till the end of the launch concert, a sold out show in New Delhi, India.               


​-  Playback singer in the film 'Baked The Bad Trip' for 2 tracks.

- Member of the earstwhile 'Global Children's Peace Choir' which toured Austria and India under the tutelage of late Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar Ji. 

-   Featuring singer on the debut album of Anhad & Tanner, an Indian Electronica act based out Delhi & Durham.

-   Featuring singer on the debut album of The Anirudh Varma Collective, 'Perspectives', a world fusion act from Delhi.

-    Featuring artist on the track 'Main Chala' by Delhi based DJ & Producer Mojojojo. 

-    Featuring singer on various projects with members of Indian Ocean & Advaita.